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Introduce engineers with outside cooperators and researchers of AQUA SCIENCE.

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We invited Professor of Hokkaido University and Shizuoka University who major in hydrodynamic to push forward on the joint research of this time about AQUA SCIENCE’s original steam syringe technology.

The new technology that was born from chance

Steam syringe technology adds water to high-speed steam to clean. This forefront technology with only steam and water has gained much attention not only from the industry but all fields around as well. At first the cleaning was conducted with steam only. It of course was possible to take the dirt off with steam, somehow syringe speed at that time compared to today was very slow and time consuming. One time, cleaning speed was rapidly increased due to the cleaning water accidentally ran into the failure of a steam cleaner. The mechanism was unidentified, but the syringe technology has advanced significantly.
The discovery was the beginning of today’s steam syringe technology. We are improving with experiments over and over everyday with the collaboration of university professors to find out the mechanism why efficient cleaning becomes possible with the addition of water.

The Best Combination 「Steam and Water」

Masao Watanabe, Associate Professor, Hokkaido University

Many researchers and academic institutions have shown their interests in our steam syringe technology that we conduct with “steam and water” combination. This is due to the fact that studies on the combination with steam and droplet have a very high degree of difficulty, and there hasn’t any case studies in the past. Of course, there are many droplet research experts before, but none were thinking from the point of combining with steam. Unlike air or other substances, the steam has the uniqueness of “condensable.” We believe that this “condensable” effect plays a big role in the syringe mechanism. Therefore, we believe “steam and water” will give a very effective combination.

Contribute to reduction of the medicinal solution consumption and reduction of the global environment load

Washing method needs a large quantity of medicinal solution normally, and various processes are necessary. The process of medicinal solution comes as industrial waste that costing both time and the money.
However, the process in this case is just steam and water. The present idea is "dissolve" dirt, but the new idea now is "tore off, and take away" that the material which removed able to reuse. In addition, the material is just “water” which is common anywhere is a big advantage to the global environment.

Toshiyuki Sanada, PhD of Engineering Department of Engineering, Associate Professor, Shizuoka University

Expectation is sublimed into future prospects

Toshiyuki Sanada, PhD of Engineering Department of Engineering, Associate Professor, Shizuoka University

Washing is the process that is necessary of the manufacturing in every field. AQUA SCIENCE has developed a new technology to overturn conventional common sense, but the mechanism of the steam washing yet is not completely elucidated. Therefore, it can help to further technical progress in future by elucidating mechanism because future possibility is still unknown. We are looking forward on new discovery. As advanced technology researchers, we wish to cooperate together and want to innovate more to help people in future.

  • Masao Watanabe, Associate Professor, Hokkaido University,Acquired doctorate from Johns Hopkins University after graduated from Tokyo University, Associate Professor of Kyushu University, and Associate Professor of Harvard University honorary member till present post. A mechanical engineering specialist(Hydrodynamics)
  • Toshiyuki Sanada, PhD of Engineering Department of Engineering, Associate Professor, Shizuoka University,Work as university research laboratory assistant after completed study from graduate school of engineering, Kyushu University. Promote to present post since APRIL 2007.
  • Takeshi Masuko, PhD of Science Department of Engineering, Associate Professor, Shizuoka University,Complete PhD program in physics at graduate school of science, Tokyo University in 2005. Continue present post via JAXA since 2007. Major in non-linear Physics / fluid physics.

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