Here are some regular questions and the answers.

  • Q What is merit of Steam syringe?
  • A Because of not using danger and expensive medicinal solution, “the cost is reducing”, “safe for human so do the machine”, “raw materials are pure, cleanliness degree is high”; “the effect does not change like medicinal solution, plasticity of the washing performance is high”; “not affected by the surface due to non-contact”; “it is eco-friendly”, and there are still many other merits.
  • Q Why steam can process syringe?
  • A While using super-high-speed jetting steam and water, water drops clear the unwanted object since micro cavitations occurs with multi-phase flow as similar like syringe by ultrasound technology.
  • Q What kind of washing it is suitable for?
  • A Basically syringe by shock wave, substance (solid) which stuck to the surface, organic register, the chip which appear when it processed it, reaction product at the time of etching are highly recommended. In addition, the effect raises more by assisting with medicinal solution diluted less than 1%.
  • Q Can we apply it on liftoff of the gold during the LED process of manufacture?
  • A Of cause we can. Since the effect can expect the recovery of gold approximately 100%, reduction of the production cost so do the processing number are expected.
  • Q Why were you able to raise the detachment rate of the register with ozonated water?
  • A By using baked register, the rates more than 4 micron per minute is possible, then with ozonated water of the high density with a high temperature are enabled to supply the technology on the high density surface.

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