Corporate philosophy

performance/high performance of syringe,ecology/action to the environment, value price/targeting on low cost machine


The advanced syringe technology that cultivated with semiconductor to a core
through development / design / sale of the industrial use syringe device reduction of the medicinal solution consumption help global environment load will contribute to cost reduction

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continue to be the only one

  Thanks to the supports from many people till today, our product has finally started for mass production, and the shipping was scheduled began since 2009. We have been focusing our development mainly on steam syringe technology everyday, as it’s our dream to change the cleaning process of hazardous chemicals fundamentally. Multiphase flow with steam and pure water is a totally new technology so far, but with the collaboration from the professors of Hokkaido University and Shizuoka University, we finally managed to put into practical testing. Due to the lack of references, there are still lots of unknown that needs clarification. We are looking forward to the future potential of steam syringe technology.
  Originally, the development was initiated for semiconductor syringe device. An increasing number of inquiries from recent rapid growing solar battery, LED and various other industries, we begin to realize the wide range of application of our product. Several years back, as we started to introduce not only in Japan but also in Korea and Taiwan, we managed to start our business in these three countries almost at the same time. From late 2010, our business has expanded to China. We are planning to expand over to the United States in 2011. An environment-friendly technology based on water that is the essence of life is progressing globally, and we are aiming to reach syringe technology standard in the future.
  AQUA SCIENCE is specialized in development, design, marketing and aims at the unique fables company for device maker. Therefore, we are going to get a partnership company with the strength in the field of service and others. Thus, cooperated with domestic and foreign partner will increase the development of the future business volume. Business model that each partner can show their strength at appropriateness quality and reasonable price while fitted the needs of global environment.

AQUA SCIENCE Corporation Chief Executive Officer Yoichi ISAGO

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